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Music has always been a big part of my life and I've been singing for as long as I can remember. I started out releasing music in 2002 as Bimbo Boy. But now, Eurotix is my main priority. On this page, you will find information about the Eurotix releases and where to buy them.


I'm the vocalist of Eurotix, a musical project also consisting of my dear friend Larry Forsberg. We both love eighties music so our sound is inspired by the synthpop and dance music of that era, but with a modern twist. Like our Facebook page to get the latest updates about our music.


Eurotix discography


This is the official Eurotix discography in reverse chronological order. Most releases are available digitally from iTunes, Spotify, Amazon and Google Play. CD editions of "The Secret", "Deux", "Besides" and "Pop" are available to order by filling out this form.





Pop (2018) - Buy CD


1. Call Me Up

2. Wild West

3. Hypnotized

4. Cold

5. To Mars

6. Can't Control Myself

7. Trail Of Broken Hearts

8. Just A Machine

9. Lovesong

10. Naughty Boys (Feat. Sabina Corleòne)

11. The Size Of America

12. I Hate To Eat Alone

13. My Eyes

14. Run Run Run

15. Blip Disco


Besides (2016) - Buy CD


1. We Could Have Been

2. I Don't Hate You Anymore

3. Face Down

4. Computer Dating

5. When You Are In My Dreams

6. Kill Another Day

7. Into The Future

8. Supernatural (12" Version)

9. Clubland

10. Are You Strong Enough?

11. Come And Hold Me

12. The Eastern Bloc

13. You Won't See Me Dancing

14. When You Go

15. Hi-NRG Superman

16. Un Chanson Pour L'Eurovision

17. Lies


Deux (2015) - Buy CD


1. Hello Susie

2. Our Spaceboy

3. Don't Trust The DJ

4. Only For Love

5. Will You Remember Me?

6. Kiss Them For Me

7. Tonight

8. Su-Su-Superman

9. The Innocent Years

10. One Step Forward

11. Stun-Gun Set To Face Her

12. The Best Of Times


The Secret (2014) - Buy CD


1. Superstar

2. I Plead Insanity

3. Let's Die Young

4. After Before, Before After

5. Life As It Slips Away

6. Replay

7. I'm Ready For My Close-Up

8. The European Man

9. The Secret

10. Don't Let Go

11. Decadence

12. We Have Built A Satellite (To Make It Crash)





Hypnotized (2018)


1. Hypnotized

2. Just Another Night

3. Call It Summer

4. He'll Be Home For Christmas 2018


My Eyes (Remixes) (2018)


1. My Eyes (RetroTeque 7" Throwback Remix)

2. Our Spaceboy (Revisited)

3. Don't Let Go (RE:Active Footsteps On The Floor Remix)

4. My Eyes (RetroTeque 12" Throwback Remix)


My Eyes (2018)


1. My Eyes

2. The Secret 2018

3. Broken Hearts (Remix)

4. Bang Bang (Heart On Fire)


Naughty Boys (Remixes) (2018)


1. Naughty Boys (Kentomen Remix)

2. Naughty Boys (Swedish Chris Retromix)

3. Naughty Boys (Le Cantaloupe And Our 12 Points Goes To...)

4. Naughty Boys (Kentomen Extended Remix)

5. Naughty Boys (Swedish Chris Maximix)

6. Naughty Boys (Le Cantaloupe Instrumental)


Naughty Boys (2018)


1. Naughty Boys (Feat. Sabina Corleòne)

2. Trail Of Broken Hearts (Original Mix)

3. Flicks

4. If Heaven Is Waiting


Conquer The Universe (2017)


1. Conquer The Universe

2. When Did Your Heart Grow Cold?

3. If You Were A War

4. I'll Be Your Satellite


The Best Of Times (2016)


1. The Best Of Times (Radio Edit)

2. Face Down

3. You Won't See Me Dancing

4. Hi-NRG Superman


Christmas On My Own (2015)


1. Christmas On My Own


Kiss Them For Me (Remixes) (2015)


1. Kiss Them For Me (Rename 7" Mix)

2. Are You Strong Enough? (A Blue Ocean Dream Lonely In The Club Remix)

3. Kiss Them For Me (Rename Extended Mix)

4. Are You Strong Enough? (A Blue Ocean Dream Analog In Your Face Remix)

5. Kiss Them For Me (Rename Instrumental)


Kiss Them For Me (2015)


1. Kiss Them For Me

2. I Don't Hate You Anymore

3. Computer Dating

4. Un Chanson Pour L'Eurovision


Are You Strong Enough? (2014)


1. Are You Strong Enough?

2. When You Are In My Dreams

3. Into The Future (Original Mix)

4. The Eastern Bloc


Let's Die Young (2014)


1. Let's Die Young

2. Come And Hold Me

3. Kill Another Day

4. Lies


He'll Be Home For Christmas (2014)


1. He'll Be Home For Christmas


Life As It Slips Away (2014)


1. Life As It Slips Away

2. Clubland (Original Mix)

3. When You Go

4. We Could Have Been (Original Mix)


I Plead Insanity (2013)


1. I Plead Insanity

2. I Plead Insanity (A Blue Ocean Dream Remix)

3. Supernatural (12" Version)

3. Replay





Night City Tribute - The Songs Of Secret Service (2018)


13. Broken Hearts


Ballerina - The Tribute To Shanghai (2017)


14. Bang Bang (Heart On Fire)


Electrozombies - Undead And Open-Minded: Volume 1 (2016)


24. The Innocent Years


DJ Promo - Extended Mixes (2014)


1. I Plead Insanity (DJ Mix)

2. Life As It Slips Away (DJ Mix)


We Heard The Call Vol 2 (2013)


13. Lies

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