Dennis Alexis



Writing is a passion of mine and I also find it therapeutic. I'm currently working on a couple of projects. One of them is an autobiography where I share my experience with fighting panic attacks, bullying and low self-esteem, and also about having an alcoholic father. I hope to help others by telling my story.


Eventually, each book will get its own page with information about the plot, characters and so on. I look forward to sharing my work! If you want to get the latest updates about my writing, please like my author Facebook page.





I write almost every day in my Swedish blog, but I also have two English blogs. The first one, Dennis Alexis, is where I write my personal thoughts but also post news about Eurotix and Bimbo Boy. The second one, Plastic Retro, is about music, movies and TV series I like. You can see the latest blog posts in these widgets. Just click on a title to read the whole post.